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Laser welding and laser hybrid welding with new laser robot RV60-26-FT from Reis Robotics

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Reis Robotics presents the newly developed laser robot RV60-26-FT for laser welding and laser hybrid welding. Compared to the previous model, the new laser robot is distinguished by improved load capacity for the new process technology, a higher transmittable laser power, a bigger reach and extended interfaces and adjusting features. Meanwhile it is possible to transfer fiber, disk or diode lasers up to 16 kW laser capacity due to the field proven integrated laser beam guidance and the welding optics MWO54 which is also a new development. With the motor driven focus adjustment it is possible to set the focal point diameter via the robot control. Thus, both «deep welding» and «heat conduction welding» is possible.

The integrated cable channel in the upper arm of the robot structure ensures the 3D mobility of the system. At the same time the mechanic loads on the fiber optic cable is greatly reduced.

Also the solution for laser hybrid welding is unequaled. Depending on the design, the weld robot incl. sensors can be guided via the 6th robot axis without additional adjusting axes.

For the new laser robot, Reis Robotics sees applications in the rail vehicle, container, or heavy construction machinery, but also in the general industry, in building construction machinery and in the automotive industry. Economical welding of crane jibs, side walls for railway wagons, or also bumpers for vehicles is possible, for instance.

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