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Advanced features + the highest level of safety = NEW IDEC SE4D Safety Light Curtains

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The next generation of advanced light curtains, new IDEC SE4D safety light curtains offer high functionality with advanced integrated features that include no dead zone, cascading, a muting function, EDM and blanking functions, IP67 protection and the highest level of safety with Category 4, PLe, and SIL3 ratings.

Conventional light curtains have a “dead zone” at both ends where there are no beam axes; however, with new IDEC SE4D Safety Light Curtains, detection can be performed along the entire area. Up to three sets of light curtains can be connected in a series to safeguard an L- or U-shape pattern without dead zones or the need for overlapping units, and since it isn’t necessary to install them outside of the detection area, the SE4D light curtain can fit into almost any system.

Equipped with a muting function that causes a line to stop only when a person passes through the light curtain, not when an object passes through, the muting sensor and muting lamp can be directly connected to the light curtain. No special controller is required. And because the light curtain has a built-in EDM (external device monitoring), a safety circuit can be easily constructed without a safety relay module needed either, making it easy to downsize a control panel and reduce costs.

Fixed blanking function prevents the control output from turning off when a specific beam is interrupted, while floating blanking function prevents the control output from turning off when the number of beams interrupted is less than the set number. Plus, regardless of the number of beams or the number of light curtains connected in series, the response speed is 14ms maximum, making it easy for safety distances to be calculated.

Both PNP transistor output and NPN transistor output are available in one light curtain, so that a single light curtain supports control circuits worldwide. IDEC SE4D light curtains are Type 4, Category 4, PLe and SIL3 with an IP67 degree of protection

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