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New M18 cylindrical photoelectric sensor with extra short housing style

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The new SICK product family of cylindrical photoelectric sensors is named GR18S. Its compact housing design and choice of axial or radial optics provide particularly space-saving solutions with wide sensing distances and ranges.

GR18S is designed to detect the presence and position of objects in handling, conveyor and warehousing systems and the packaging industry. Whether in the form of energetic proximity sensor in various sensing distances, a retro-reflective sensor or a through-beam sensor – all sensors are available in five unique, space-saving housing designs. When space is at a premium, radial sensor designs provide specific options to solve the application. Although space-saving, these sensors are still powerful: The proximity sensor offers a sensing distance of up to 550 mm, the retro-reflective sensor provides a range of up to 6.5 m, and the through-beam alternative is equipped with a sensing range of 15 m.

Robust sensors encased in metal, plastic and as a «fully flush» option

GR18S sensors are available in housing with IP67 protection and M18 thread housing made of reliable plastic or metal. In what is referred to as the «fully flush» option, a circular flattened flange holds the optics firmly in place in the sensor housing. The fullyflush design serves to protect the sensor as well as the goods on conveyor systems from being damaged. For mounting, a high-torque mounting nut is screwed to it from the back thereby ensuring secure attachment of the sensor. In this way, any possibility of shaking the mounting nuts loose, e.g. as a result of strong vibrations at the conveyor system, is reliably avoided. Different housing options allow for quick, flexible and easy mounting in the most varied areas of application. The PinPoint transmitter LED generates a precise, homogeneous and clearly visible light spot across the entire scanning range. It allows for easy detection of small parts and facilitates alignment significantly. Clearly visible status LEDs provide the sensor’s operational status at a glance – on the plug end with the axial option and the sensor head in the case of the radial design. The effort during maintenance and monitoring is reduced as a result.

GR18S – the perfect solution for tight mounting spaces.

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