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Rapid Module for short strokes

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Horizontal or vertical: if small, highly dynamic loads need to be moved over short distances, the linear directly driven SLD short stroke module from SCHUNK, the competence leader for clamping technology and gripping systems is up for the challenge. Compared with its predecessor module, the high-performance servo motor of the LDK is achieving a 15% higher nominal force.

As with almost every module from the new LDx series from SCHUNK, the LDK modules can be equipped with an absolute encoder by default, which ensures an excellent repeat accuracy 0.01 mm per axis. Time-consuming reference runs while starting up the plant, or after emergency stop situations, are no longer necessary. Moreover, the modules of the innovative family-owned company no longer need end or reference sensors, and investment costs, programming effort and the number of cables per cable set is greatly reduced. The drive force of the servo motors is transmitted by scope-free, high-precision drive elements directly onto the slide.

This particularly pays off for highly dynamic joining and placing processes in terms of extremely short cycle times, maximum precision, and permanently high process reliability. Since the modules have very few parts that would require maintenance, failures due to breakage is almost none existent. Depending on the requirements, the LDK modules can be equipped with long slides, mechanic supports for a higher rigidity, and with a parking break for the use as a Z-axis. They achieve a maximum acceleration of 40 ms-2, and a maximum speed of 4 ms-1. The maximum nominal stroke amounts to 400 mm, the maximum drive force 250 N, and the nominal force 100 N.

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