Leuze Safety

MLC is the intelligent Safety Light Curtain from Leuze electronic

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nlike other light curtains on the market, users do not only decide between a type 4 or type 2 (MLC 500 or MLC 300) device when choosing the MLC. With the MLC, users also have the choice between three function classes. This means users can define the performance of the sensor themselves in order to perfectly fulfill the requirements of their applications. The performance of the new Safety Light Curtains can be seen clearly in the automatic start/restart function of the Basic model and even more so in the integrated start/restart interlock and contactor monitoring functions of the Standard version. The high level of performance is the most obvious in the Extended device, however: it provides users with functions such as muting, blanking (fixed/floating), three scan modes and device linkage options, all which can be set without use of a PC.

Integration – no problem!

For all its performance, the sensor is unusually slim (29 x 35 mm) but extremely sturdy at the same time due to the slightly set back front screens, reinforced side walls and metal end caps. The installation of the MLC safety sensors is very easy due to the large variety of possible mounting brackets. Even direct, form-fitting mounting into the surroundings is possible, i.e. without dead space into which unpermitted access would be possible. Due to the extensive accessories, even for muting, the sensor is practically a complete system.

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