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Bosch Rexroth at the 2013 Hannover Messe

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For Bosch Rexroth, the 2013 Hannover Messe theme of Integrated Industry means more than just IT topics. In addition to open interfaces for data interchange and new engineering tools, Bosch Rexroth maintains close ties to machinery manufacturers and end customers. The company is going in new directions with a number of development partnerships. There are two main topics at the forefront of those changes: increased energy efficiency and more efficient engineering. To meet these challenges, Bosch Rexroth is presenting several different innovations at the 2013 Hannover Messe in hall 23, booth C19.

Increased energy efficiency

Bosch Rexroth will be presenting a number of innovative solutions for increased machine and plant energy efficiency at the Hannover Messe. A drive concept with the Sytronix variable speed pump drives promises significant savings potential, resulting in a positive effect on TCO. With Sytronix, users can reduce hydraulic power consumption by up to 80% while maintaining the same level of productivity – or better. They also reduce mid-range noise emissions by up to 20 dB (A) and increase hydraulic oil lifespan thanks to low heat input. To keep engineering time and effort at a minimum, machinery manufacturers expect hassle-free implementation into their machine concepts. With ready-to-install sets for Sytronix variable speed pump drives, Rexroth makes integration simple and secure.

More engineering freedom

With the new integrated IAC-2X axis controller, Bosch Rexroth offers yet another addition to the highly scalable automation kit. Using open interfaces, the single-axis motion control now simplifies automation to the popular Ethernet-based real-time protocols of Profinet RT, EtherNET/IP, SERCOS III, EtherCAT, and VARAN and integrated best-in-class hydraulic controllers. Users benefit from flexible axis controller integration into the superordinate control networks, independent of the control manufacturer. For simple engineering, IndraWorks offers controller dialogs and parametrizations tailored to hydraulic functions.

As another innovation, Rexroth is introducing the new, reliable CDL 2 industrial hydraulic cylinder for the mid-pressure range. The CDL also simplifies and accelerates the engineering process. With its Interactive Catalogue System, or ICS, Rexroth presents the options for the online configuration of all cylinders in the series as well as the direct integration of CAD data into machine design drawings. CDL increases machine availability because it is designed and tested for two million load cycles. Only Bosch Rexroth specifies clear usage limitations for this type of cylinder with 250 bar. This defined performance guarantees a high degree of decision-making ability for the customer.

Efficient engineering with new levels of freedom

Increasing demand for multi-technology solutions in industrial automation makes an integrated engineering approach necessary. With the IndraMotion MLC, Bosch Rexroth offers a motion logic system that is also now preconfigured for hydraulic drive tasks. It can be used for the combined operations of electric, hydraulic, and hybrid drives. In the future, IndraMotion MLC users will also be able to access the control kernel from high level language-based applications thanks to open core engineering. This allows them to realize customized solutions independently and more easily, and at a lower cost than before. The IndraWorks software tool additionally integrates all tools as well as Rexroth’s industry and technology-specific expertise as function packages. The integrated engineering framework thus lays the foundation for the development of modular machine software.

Concept for the future

At the Hannover Messe, Bosch Rexroth will also be presenting a future development: the concept of self-supporting servo axes, which only require an electrical connection apart from the drive technology. They allow for a freedom of choice between electrical and hydraulic axes. Identical servo regulators optionally drive electromechanical linear axes or hydraulic cylinders. This means there is no difference between electromechanical and hydraulic versions in terms of assembly, commissioning, and parametrization. In the hydraulic version, the fluid cycle is completely integrated into the plug-and-run module; an external power unit is not needed. This approach combines the advantages of stagelessly controllable fluid drives with the high level of energy efficiency that Sytronix offers.


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