Actuator Impex Tecniche Lineari

MOVITEC Linear Units

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MOVITEC Linear Units, made of extruded and anodized aluminium profiles, are available in size 040, 060, 086, 116 in various configurations. CV type with screw drive, CH type with oversize screw drive, HV type high profile with screw drive, HH type high profile with oversize screw drive, CC type with belt drive and CX/HX TYPE without drive.

MOVITEC Linear Units are equipped with the innovative IMPEX linear guides (58-62 HRc) with one or 2 ball recirculating carriages of different lengths. The gliding of the carriage is optimally guaranteed by big spheres with 4 contact points at 45° for high speed. This allows high efficiency with low fiction. Possibility of preload of the spheres or zero backlash. Different lengths of carriages are available: standard, short, long extra long or double carriage. Linear Units are protected with metal or bellows cover. MOVITEC Linear Units are the right solution for most industrial automation applications. The compact structure of the profile and the wide range of available drives and options make it ready to fit and adapt to any industrial application. MOVITEC Linear Units can be easily combined together or with any other MOVITEC Linear Systems to build multi axis systems

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