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Opening of the Siemens Weighing Technology Center

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January saw the official opening of the “Siemens Weighing Technology Center”, a training and information center for weighing and batching systems in Karlsruhe.

In future, customers will have the opportunity not only to find out that the weighing and batching systems offered by Siemens cover an impressively broad product spectrum, but also to discover their extreme flexibility with the seamless integration of Simatic. Visitors to the center will be able to put this to the test with an array of fully functional applications. Alongside training courses on products from the standard range, the schedule also includes individually tailored training events for special applications – with demonstrations and practical exercises performed using the product directly at the relevant application.

Weighing experts are on hand toprovide support for wide-ranging different applications – from continuous weighfeeding and loss-in-weight through discontinuous filling and batching to checkweighing.

Siemens has been involved in the field of weighing technology for more than 50 years. The product spectrum encompasses standalone weighing electronics alongside PLC-based Siwarex weighing electronics, Siwarex load cells and the relevant accessories. The portfolio also includes continuous weighing systems such as weighfeeders, belt scales and loss-in-weight systems.


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