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Big Bang Fair 2013 – Bosch’s Delta robot inspires next generation of engineers

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To promote science and engineering among young people, Bosch Packaging Technology will take part in the Big Bang Fair, London, March 14 – 17, 2013, in partnership with Nestlé UK and the Food and Drink Federation (FDF). The Big Bang Fair is the biggest celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths in the UK and is expected to welcome over 65,000 young Britons. Bosch’s Delta robot will be exhibited at the joint stand “Taste Success – A Future in Food” designed to excite bright young people about the opportunities in the food industries, and encourage them to consider a career in these fields. With more than 20 years after introducing the first Delta robot to the packaging industry and over 2,000 robots successfully installed worldwide, Bosch Packaging Technology is keen to share its expertise and passion for innovation with the next generation of engineers.

The Delta robot will be fully functional on the Taste Success stand, demonstrating its speed and efficiency as it picks and places chocolate bars. An interactive game “Beat the Robot” gives young people attending the show the chance to gain firsthand experience interacting with technology in use in the food industry today. This showcase will give visitors insight into the Delta robot’s ability to quickly pick and place small but quick moving products with ease and precision, with over 150 cycles per minute. It will also demonstrate how the speed and accuracy of automation are essential to the food manufacturing industry.

“As a partner to many manufacturers, we recognize the value that young people bring to the manufacturing industry, with their creativity helping the development of new products and services,” said Roy Fraser, product manager Robotics, Bosch Packaging Technology. “Just as a team of students were involved in the design and build of our very first Delta robot, young engineers will continue to drive innovation in the Food and Drinks Industry. This highlights the importance of continuing to attract young people to the industry.”

According to the FDF, the food and drink sector, currently the UK’s largest manufacturing sector, accounts for 16 percent of the UK’s total manufacturing and employs 400,000 people. The industry now faces a challenge in recruiting and training talented young people to become the food engineers and managers of tomorrow, due to the popularity of the services sector. Through its extensive apprenticeship program and participation in events such as the Big Bang Show, Bosch Packaging Technology aims to ensure that a new generation of technicians and engineers will be joining the food manufacturing industry.

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