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Intrinsically-safe barriers from IDEC: Small, economical, easy to use

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The cornerstone of IDEC hazardous location products, our EB3C discrete input/output barriers (also known as isolators) line is now joined by new models with redundant outputs to add flexibility when designing industrial equipment for hazardous locations. EB3 barriers can be combined together or with additional IDEC industrial automation and component devices (not necessarily designed for hazardous location use). Due to the barrier’s isolation, many input and output devices no longer require hazardous location ratings, which reduces the total system cost, as the barrier’s hazardous side operates below heat and spark producing energy levels.

Why spend more money for hazardous location components you don’t need when IDEC barriers are smaller, more economical, and easier to use?

IDEC offers three types of barriers: EB3C, EB3N and EB3L. EB3C is for traditional discrete safety input contacts, which are isolated from both relay and solid state outputs. EB3N is for safety inputs, which are isolated from safety control devices. It also has redundant outputs. Lastly, EB3L is unique because it isolates inputs with safety lamp/LED and buzzer indicating outputs.

Perfect for multiple industries including oil & gas, mining, water treatment, agriculture, automated painting systems, petrochemical, semiconductor fabrication equipment, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, instrumentation, and food processing, IDEC EB3 barriers are simple to wire and don’t require logic, software or programming. IDEC discrete barriers are particularly suited for control circuits that exist in Division 1 and Zone 0 & 1 areas.

EB3 units have European ATEX ratings, UL Class 1 Zone 0, and are IEC60079 compliant. For more information on EB3 barriers, call 1-800-262-IDEC (4332)

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