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Highlight on the INTEC: New laser welding technology from Reis Robotics

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The new robot RV60-26-FT with laser beam guidance integrated in the robot arm and the 6-axis robot RVL20-16introduced on this year’s INTEC trade fair was accepted with great interest and enthusiasm by numerous visitors.

Reis presented robots for performing multi process solutions on this fair. Thus one single robot links a CMT welding station, stationary spot welding tongs as well as a gluing station.

Customers and users got informed about the new developed hand axis clearing the way for highest laser capacity, longer reach, higher handling weights for different welding optics and more powerful beam guidance and optic systems. The designers of Reis Robotics and Reis Lasertec developed the new hand axis to apply the high capacity of fiber, disk, and diode lasers to the workpiece with low loss.

Due to integration of the additional axis into the robot control ROBOTstar, the user enjoys ease of operation and flexibility for processing of components with different joint geometries and wall thicknesses. The user realizes the time savings and various possibilities for welding for many components.


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