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New safety transponders (RFID)

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With the new RD800 safety transponders, Leuze electronic provides special safety systems with closed designs (IP67, IP69K) for extremely tough or challenging application cases.

They work based on RFID technology and enable a very high level of safety up to and including category 4 and Performance Level PL e thanks to the clearness of the codes transferred by the actuator. This is in addition to very high protection against manipulation. Depending on the degree of risk, completely configured RD800 sensors with standard detection or unique code detection can be selected. If increased flexibility is required, teachable RD800s are an excellent choice, whereby one sensor can be used for nearly any application.

To achieve maximum applicability, up to 32 safety transponders can be connected in series via an M12 connection, which can be located on the left or right side. This considerably minimizes the time and costs needed for installing. In daily operation, all RD800 sensors permanently signalize their exact status via four multi-color LEDs – a clear system availability optimization.


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