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Remote Control and PLC all-in-one

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The KUHNKE automation platform Arriva includes multi modules which offer multiple benefits for the control and operation of mobile machines.

The intelligent IO modules feature an integrated 433 MHz radio receiver, which turns them into an especially compact solution for the control and operation of mobile machines and special-purpose commercial vehicles. Up to 24 outputs can be programmed freely and can be addressed via a 16 channel radio connection. Arriva multi modules provide actors and drives with analogue, digital and PWM signals. In addition, 32 analogue and digital inputs allow the logically dependent control of even complex systems.

In combination with any standard or custom designed handheld control unit, a multi module becomes a completely programmable user interface and control system for a wide variety of mobile applications. A programming system with graphic user interface is used to program all multi modules and control units without requiring special programming skills. This allows the customer to program its own system and alter its programming at any time without the need to engage any specialist.

Arriva multi modules can be mounted directly to the vehicle without requiring any special protective enclosure. Standardized connectors offers multiple opportunities for cable routing.

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