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New SCADA Expert ClearSCADA 2013 R1

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Schneider Electric has launched a new release of SCADA Expert ClearSCADA software platform, now part of the StruxureWare software applications and suites, introducing new features and enhancements to manage and optimise the operation of plant and remote assets.

SCADA Expert ClearSCADA 2013 R1 offers powerful operational and engineering value

> Enhanced historian scalability

Provides significant reductions in start-up time for the historian and the event journal, as well as reduced memory requirements when storing data online for long periods of time.

> Improved mimic drawing performance

Up to 75% reduction in re-drawing times on mimics containing lines and polylines.

> Wastewater starter application project

New example project provides a foundation for the development of real-world wastewater lift stations, including the close integration of various other Schneider Electric equipment.

> Support for Lufkin SAMS and Schneider Electric POC

New integrated driver modules used for monitoring, storage and analysis to improve Rod Pump Controller efficiency. New Dynacard objects allow integrated storage, display and export of surface and down-hole Rod Pump data.

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