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NORD DRIVESYSTEMS At the 2013 Hannover Fair

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At the 2013 Hannover Fair, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS (Hall 15, Stand F26) will present new drive electronics, efficient new motors, including the manufacturer’s first smooth-surface motor line, and the latest additions to UNICASE series industrial gear units.

NORD will once again showcase its competence in complete mechatronic solutions integrating motor, gearbox, and drive electronics. Concentrating on basic functions, the decentralized SK 180E frequency inverter is a new solution for numerous elementary drive tasks such as long-distance horizontal conveying. This inverter dispenses with features that are not strictly necessary, like positioning functions, encoder feedback, sophisticated safety functions, or braking resistors. The robust, long-life design ensures the 200% overload reserves that are typical for NORD variable frequency drives. Distributed technology from NORD follows a uniform operating concept with NORD CON parameterization software available free of charge. This enables, for example, efficient combined applications with a new electronically switched line of drives – SK 135E decentralized soft starters and reversing starters carry out simple switching tasks for motors from 0.25 to 7.5 kW which require no speed control. They integrate extensive protection for the mains supply (current limitation), for the device (PTC/I²t, motor phases), and for the machine (torque limitation, overload).

Further additions to the NORD portfolio include efficiency class IE4 motors as well as the first line of smooth-surface motors manufactured by NORD. The latter will become available in the second quarter of 2013, with power output from 0.37 to 2.2 kW. These all-new systems will also provide high efficiency rates corresponding to IE2, at minimum.

Maintaining its position of technology leader in industrial gear units with single-piece gearcases, NORD supplies an unrivalled and comprehensive range of these modular units. Notably, even very large models with output torques of up to 242,000 Nm are supplied without bolted joints or sealing surfaces. This design ensures supreme radial and axial load capacity.

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