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Mechanics drivers systems for decentralized task

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For manufacturers that solely focus on mechanics or electronics, combined mechatronics solutions may seem like a red rag to a bull, while leading suppliers of complete drive technology see no such problem – only blue skies. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS, for instance, is a one-stop supplier of mechatronic solutions combining motors, gear units, and frequency inverters. Thanks to a high manufacturing depth, all integrated components for these systems – except for raw cast parts and standard parts – come from NORD’s own development and production divisions.

Application-specific, economic solutions can be configured according to individual requirements: users can choose from a wide range of motors across all efficiency classes, and from one of the largest and most versatile gear unit ranges in the world. With a scaled frequency inverter program, NORD also supplies suitable electronic control components. Moreover, all mechatronic units from NORD provide practice-oriented intelligent functions for typical drive tasks in distributed automation applications. Safety features are of course also included, e.g. the optional “Safe Torque Off” and “Safe Stop 1” functions.

NORD offers models with integrated process and PI controllers that are ideally suited for use in fans and pumps thanks to an internal 24 V power supply and two analog inputs. Other types are tailored to the requirements of conveyor technology tasks. In addition to a brake controller, they also feature two integrated potentiometers that allow for quick configuration. Standard features such as speed feedback (servo mode for economic asynchronous motors) and a POSICON function enable these units to independently control positioning tasks and hoists with utmost precision, e.g. in palletizers (see video linked via QR code). The systems’ power electronics cover a performance range of 0.25 to 22 kW. All units provide thermal motor protection. The mechatronic systems are not only optionally available in blue, but also as unvarnished versions (see above) or with any requested color

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