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Bürkert provides information highlighting smart products and systems for producing clean steam

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Bürkert has released a highly informative booklet covering its extensive range of products used in the production of clean steam. The pictorial information highlights a range that meets all steam user needs – from large scale bespoke projects, to smaller OEM solutions – enabling designers to determine the most effective clean steam control and measurement solution for their needs. In addition, the synergy achieved with the Bürkert range – using custom designed stainless steel manifolds – means that existing complex assemblies of valves and pipework, can be avoided – or replaced saving valuable installation time and footprint space, whilst reducing fittings, seals, pipework and potential leak paths.

The free information is extremely easy for the reader to assimilate, adopting a pictorial representation of a typical steam producing plant with arrows depicting where each Bürkert steam product fits in the overall arrangement.

In the area of level sensing, the information outlines the Type 8111 vibrating level switch and the Type 8138 compact, non-contact radar level transmitter. Robust and easy to set up and use the Type 8111 is designed for process crucial, overfill and dry run protection systems. Comprising a stainless steel 316L tuning fork with superior surface finish, the unit is virtually unaffected by the chemical and physical attributes of the media with which it is used.

The Type 8138 is designed for sanitary conditions, integrating an encapsulated antenna to protect against highly ionised water. The front flush antenna allows optimal CIP and SIP cleaning, combining excellent cleaning results with high precision level measurement.

Complementing the level sensors in the new booklet – and key to space saving and cost reduction in the valve area – are Bürkert’s Type 2034 welded valve combinations for the control of ultra pure and sterile fluids, including sterile access port (SAP) and good manufacturing practice (GMP) designs.

These valve configurations are fully flexible to meet application requirements, including orientation, materials, connections and surface finish.

In contrast to welded arrangements, the Type 2033 tank bottom valve highlights another area of Bürkert expertise, the solid machined block. In the Type 2033, this is of high quality stainless steel, complete with a selection of high quality diaphragms for hermetic separation. The Type 2033 ensures optimised filling and empting of vessels, in the most challenging ultra-pure and sterile environments.

Completing the valve offering in the Steam booklet, is Bürkert’s unique, multi-way, multi-port and multi-actuator diaphragm valve system, for controlling ultrapure, sterile, aseptic and SIP/CIP fluid paths, including sterile barrier applications. The unique design of the Type 2035 integrates two seats under one diaphragm, thereby eliminating dead legs and minimising flow system volumes.

Metering is also covered in the new brochure, represented by the Type 8056 full bore sanitary magflow meter with blind, local and remote display options. Combined with a suitable valve as the actuating element, this unit allows the control batching of sterile medias, with high accuracy flow measurement, to ensure a safe and precise delivery.

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