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Delta CNC Solution Strengthens Capabilities of the Machine Tool Industry

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In 2012, Delta launched a CNC solution integrating CNC controller, AC servo drive, servo motors and a spindle motor and featuring high-speed, high precision and flexibility with its duo CPU processors. The Delta CNC system is the first CNC solution developed and produced by a Taiwanese enterprise and is designed especially for machine tool and related manufacturing and processing industry applications. The completeness and high performance of Delta’s CNC Solution immediately caught the attention of the machine industry and received much positive feedback. To share Delta’s success with wider audiences, Mechanical Tech. Magazine/ Mechatronics Magazine published a special report about this new Taiwan branded CNC Solution.

The report indicated that in the past two years, the economic recession has had a huge impact on the machine tool industry. Under these difficult conditions, many machine tool manufacturers are facing order reduction with fewer business opportunities. As a result, they have started to search for more efficient CNC solutions and conduct operation tests to increase their capabilities. Many of them decided to adopt Delta’s CNC Solution for the high speed and high precision performance it offers. Compared with other CNC solutions provided by European or Japanese brands, Delta’s CNC Solution offers excellent machining efficiency especially when applied to high speed tapping machines and engraving machines. In addition, with strong technology and R&D skills, Delta is able to provide a customized CNC solution according to different requirements of various applications and offer real-time after-sales service. This greatly helps users strengthen their ability to succeed under the impact of the weak economy.

With the fluctuation of the Japanese currency, cost-effectiveness became an important factor for manufacturers when selecting a CNC solution. Mr. Vkinng Chen, the senior engineer who is in charge of the Delta CNC Solution said, “We are introducing Delta’s CNC Solution to the machine tool market with a strong image of high efficiency and cost effectiveness. We will attract customers with the high performance, flexible customization and energy saving design of this Solution.” For now, Delta’s CNC solution is finding application in the production lines of Taiwan, China and other Southeast Asian countries.

Delta is still learning the ropes of the machine tool industry. To provide better service and to get to know customers better, Delta provides on-site service to directly solve technical problems and to assist system operation for end users. Delta Industrial Automation will hold a training session in Q2, 2013, and gather Delta’s global field application engineers and distributors for basic troubleshooting training so that they can provide immediate maintenance service to local customers.

As for product features, Delta’s CNC Solution adopts Delta’s CNC controller, AC servo drives and spindle motor, raising the stability of the solution while reducing the cost. With Delta’s permanent magnet servo motor ECMC series and high resolution 20-bit encoder (1,280,000 p/rev), Delta’s CNC Solution effectively enhances the precision of machine positioning and stability during low-speed operation. In addition, the Delta CNC Solution adopts C-BOX to store power released from the brake resistor when stopping the rotation of the spindle motor during continuous and reverse rigid tapping. This device saves up to 70% of electricity compared with traditional brake resistors. Furthermore, Delta’s CNC Solution integrates with Delta’s ASDA-A2 Series AC servo drive, which was designed with a three-axis synchronous motion control function to equally share PN power while effectively utilizing both output and reusable power. The energy-saving design of Delta’s CNC Solution realizes Delta’s mission of “Smarter. Greener. Together.”

According to Vkinng, Delta’s ASDA-A2 Series AC servo drive has been is wide use since before Delta’s CNC Solution was launched. With the aid of the excellent motion control of the ASDA-A2 Series, the Delta CNC Solution can enhance spindle speed and power performance and allow users to select desired servo motors for the 4th axis and rotary table from Delta’s complete ECMA Series AC servo motors. When connecting to the CNC controller, servo tuning is simple and effortless, and the stability of the system is easy to increase as well. In addition, through the DMCNET high-speed motion control network, a full-closed loop and real-time communication system is constructed. This makes the system more rapid and more efficient without time delay. Besides, optical fiber transmission and cabling will be available soon to offer the best performance and longest operational distances.

Vkinng indicated that customers usually have test SOPs for high-speed tapping machines, and after testing, Delta’s CNC Solution has proven more effective for processing compared with European and Japanese brands. In addition, Delta provides customized software for users to define the operation interface, function keys and more flexible adjustment functions, making the CNC Solution more open and different from other competitors. Delta also develops intelligent modules with the Precision Machinery Research Development Center (PMC) to realize on-line factory monitoring on operation process and production management.

The completeness and smooth operation of Delta’s CNC Solution has impressed all users and it is definitely the best choice for various machine tools in a wide variety of field applications.

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