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Position indicator with magnetic sensor

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The position indicator MPI-15, made of a multifunction display with integrated magnetic position sensor, combined with the magnetic band M-BAND-10, is a complete system for the measurement of linear and angular displacement. Characterised by an extremely easy assembly, it allows precise alignment and positioning, reducing time and machining procedures to the minimum.

Thanks to the absence of contact between the sensor and the magnetic band, Elesa magnetic measurement system, composed by the position indicator MPI-15 and the magnetic band M-BAND-10: -is not subject to wear and therefore does not require maintenance; is not affected by moisture, dust, oils and process residues; – is insensitive to vibrations. The position indicator MPI-15 allows to display the values by absolute or incremental mode (to make relative measures within the measuring range), to select the unit of measure (mm, inches or degrees) and the counting direction and to set the offset values to compensate for tool wear. The system is powered by an external battery 1.5 VDC and is equipped with a buffered memory during battery substitution.

The magnetic band M-BAND-10 can be easily assembled thanks to the adhesive tape and it is protected against mechanical damages by a stainless steel cover strip.Product technical data sheet, along with drawings and tables with codes and dimensions, is available on the web site www.elesa.com


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