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NORD SK 500E POWERLINK Frequency Converters

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With a new interface, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS made their SK 500E range of frequency converters fit for POWERLINK. The advantages of that Industrial Ethernet standard are self-evident: Performance and allowable line length are virtually unlimited and open up a multitude of different possible uses; prices of the required network components are continuing to fall.

The POWERLINK-Interface can be mounted with ease directly on the SK 500E converter. NORD offers the modular SK 500E frequency converters for in-cabinet use in dimensions 1 to 9 with power ranging from 0,25 to 90 kW. With different housing configurations, a continuous performance ramp and numerous upgrading options, they can be adapted for use in various application areas.

The foundation of all models within the SK 500E range is a generously equipped basic device that can be functionally extended and optimized for the individual application using plug-in modules. Basic equipment includes sensor-less current vector regulation, automatic parameter identification for attached motors, an integrated braking chopper for generator operation as well as PID controllers for process control and four parameter sets for online selection.

In order to ensure aptness for all communication and application requirements of the SK 500E range of frequency converters, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS continually broadens the available range of compatible field bus and Ethernet interfaces.

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