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PC Control and EtherCAT – Beckhoff at Ligna 2013

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Beckhoff is exhibiting its open PC-based control platform which meets the high requirements of the furniture industry for flexibility and efficiency from 6 to 10 May 2013 at Ligna. PC-based control and EtherCAT as the universal fieldbus system offer a flexible all-in-one system, from the controller to the drive technology. The TwinCAT automation software integrates a uniform engineering tool for the software mapping of all control functions from safe drive technology to complex CNC functions. PC-based control offers sufficient power reserves for additional functions and applications. Apart from the new multi-touch panel series, the focus at Ligna will be on the compact servo terminal with connection in One Cable Technology, the new AM8000 motor series and the TwinCAT 3 software platform.

TwinCAT 3: efficient engineering and maximum performance

TwinCAT combines all control and motion functions as well as the complete engineering tool chain on one software platform. The object-oriented extensions of IEC 61131-3 enable the perfect modularisation of the programming code, the software encapsulation of machine functions and, in conjunction with that, improved structuring, simpler maintenance, re-usability and expandability of the software. With support for multi-core and 64-bit operating systems, TwinCAT taps new performance reserves for the integration of additional machine functions such as condition monitoring into the central controller.

TwinSAFE: using synergies from safety and drive technology

In TwinSAFE Beckhoff offers a universal safety solution from the controller, the I/O to the drive technology. All safety functions can be programmed or configured on the uniform TwinCAT engineering platform. The range of application of TwinSAFE is enlarged with the new all-in-one EK1960 safety controller. The TwinSAFE Controller integrates a complete safety controller including I/O level in a compact design. Safe data transfer is ensured by the TwinSAFE protocol in compliance with SIL 3 of IEC 61508 or the performance level of ISO 13849-1.

Multi-touch panel: simplifying machine operation

In the new multi-touch panel series Beckhoff offers a modern and user-friendly operating concept allowing intuitive machine operation à la iPhone; the elegant, contemporary device design visually upgrades the machine. Display sizes from 7 to 24 inches are available in the classic 4:3 as well as widescreen formats. Push-button extensions for electromechanical operating elements and customer-specific designs supplement the broadly diversified range.

One Cable Technology: strengthening competitive advantages

The AM8000 servomotor series with One Cable Technology (OCT) combines power and feedback system in a single standard cable, resulting in reduced hardware and commissioning costs. OCT is also supported by the new EL7201-0010 servo terminal. The servo terminal further extends the modular compact drive system. In addition to solutions for stepper and DC motors, the servo terminal is also designed for highly dynamic positioning tasks thanks to integrated, fast control technology. Extremely high performance is ensured by full EtherCAT integration.

PC-based control: potential for future developments

Based on powerful, state-of-the-art Industrial PCs and EtherCAT as a universal fieldbus system, an all-in-one solution from the controller to the drive technology is available to the user in the Beckhoff automation platform. In addition, its openness and consistency permit the integration of, for example, parts tracking, operating and CAD/CAM interfaces, production data acquisition and local databases. All requirements of the furniture industry are met, with production lots down to a size of 1, and in addition, PC-based control offers sufficient potential for the future development of new machine functions.

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