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New compact small control system and Panel Controller

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With the c300 and p300, Lenze is introducing two new Controllers onto the market and thereby rounding off the power range of the current Controller series on the basis of the same modern system architecture. The Cabinet Controller c300 comes with everything you need for implementing basic Controller-based motion applications and sequence controls quickly and easily. With the I/O modules which can be connected in series and integrated master interfaces for EtherCAT and CanOpen, it is currently the most compact small control system with motion functionality in this power range. The Panel Controller p300 is designed for simple to medium-complexity control and visualization solutions. An energy-efficient and powerful ARM Cortex-A8-processor with 800 MHz clock frequency provides the right computing power. The maintenance-free devices fit seamlessly into the Lenze Controller portfolio and are characterised by simple handling, which means that standard set-up and data backup can be performed easily via USB flash drive and devices can be replaced particularly quickly through the use of a replaceable memory card.

The robust and compact devices are factory-set with an Ethernet and an USB connection. A CANopen and an EtherCAT interface are integrated in order to establish a fieldbus interface connection. Extension modules will enable these to be extended to include PROFIBUS and PROFINET in the future. The data and applications are stored on a SD card, which allows device replacement to be performed quickly and easily by hand. In order to provide protection against data loss in the event of uncontrollable voltage failures, the Controller has an integrated UPS solution and a 128 kB retain memory. There is no need for a conventional buffer battery or fan, which means that the Controllers are maintenance-free and at the same time guarantee increased system availability. For diagnostic purposes and for easy commissioning, the Controllers feature direct access to all parameters and the central logbook via a web interface. The I/O modules from the I/O system 1000 can be connected in series to the Cabinet Controller c300. This means that it can be perfectly tailored to the individual task. The Panel Controller p300, which was designed specifically for use in harsh industrial environments, is equipped with a resistive touch display and can be ordered with a customised front foil. To begin with, versions will be available in screen sizes of 10.9 cm (4.3″), 17.8 cm (7″) and 26.4 cm (10.4″). The new Controllers fit seamlessly into the uniform control and visualization solutions from Lenze.

With Lenze’s scalable and uniform Controller portfolio and automation systems, machine tasks can be performed in a way which is tailored precisely to your requirements; the specialist in Motion Centric Automation supplies devices with low to high power ratings, in control cabinet and panel versions, based on a single platform. All Controllers in the product range are commissioned in exactly the same way. It is even possible to port project data from the machine control, e.g. from a c300 or p300 to the Controllers for medium-complexity machine tasks, to the 3200 C or p500 from Lenze in just a few steps. Machine-oriented software products such as the Lenze FAST Application Software and EASY Engineering-Toolchain can be used consistently throughout the range.


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