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WEG launches new energy efficient standard motor range with 40% less losses

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WEG, a global leader in electric motors, has launched a new range of motors that represents a major breakthrough in providing high levels of energy efficiency – the W22 Super Premium. The innovative electric motor is the only complete standard range available on the market worldwide that exceeds the yet-to-be-implemented IE4 regulations, enabling manufacturers to increase energy efficiencies significantly throughout their plants and processes, and reduce their total cost of ownership.

The W22 Super Premium gives outstanding performance across the full power range from 3 kW to 355 kW and presents up to 40% less losses compared to previous designs. The three-phase induction motor is based on WEG’s popular W22 motor mechanical design and meets the requirements of the most demanding industrial users, giving reduced energy consumption, increased productivity, extended lifetime and lower maintenance. It is ideal for industrial applications including fans, blowers, pumps and compressors.

With features like an innovative aerodynamic frame, redesigned cooling system and unique insulation system, the W22 Super Premium range of motors is quieter, more reliable, easier to maintain and more cost-effective.

The motor has been designed to have low operating temperatures, which increases the insulation time and results in a long service life. The frame and cooling system of the motor has been optimised to deliver exceptional airflow to its components, improving operating efficiency even in tough environmental conditions.

It delivers increased lubrication intervals and therefore needs minimal maintenance and servicing. High performance rubber drains allow for easy motor drainage during servicing, and provide high protection at harsh conditions. Special bearing seals also extend the lifetime of the motor in aggressive environments by protecting it against the ingress of water and dust.

It has a flexible terminal box design for the 225 – 355 frame sizes, whereby the terminal can be positioned on the top or side to best suit the application. The W22 Super Premium range is modular, reducing inventory costs for manufacturers by enabling a common motor frame to be used with different types and sizes of terminal boxes.

The motor is robust with solid integrated feet, which provides a tough construction and enables easier installation and alignment. Motors in frame sizes 160 and above are fitted with flat surfaces which allow vibration detectors to be fitted easily, an important advantage for condition monitoring and preventative maintenance schedules.

Suitable for low voltage supplies, the W22 Super Premium motor range covers 2, 4 and 6- pole motors in frame sizes up to 355. They are designed according to DIN EN 50347 Standard, which means that customers can replace an IE1, IE2 or IE3 motor with total reliability.

“As motors typically run for thousands of hours every year, any gain in efficiency by replacing motors with higher efficiency versions, equates into considerable savings which would pay for the investment in a few years, and in some cases even months,” says Marek Lukaszczyk, European marketing manager at WEG. “The new W22 Super Premium motors allow a low total cost of ownership thanks to its reliability, easy maintenance and energy savings, and enable users to reduce their carbon footprint.”

The introduction of the W22 Super Premium range means that WEG now has the widest range of energy saving motors for industry. For further information about the W22 Super Premium range of motors visit


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