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EtherCAT Conformance Tested encoders of the second generation offer a very short cycle time

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At the Hanover Fair 2013 Kübler  exhibiting the latest generation of Sendix absolute EtherCAT encoders that boast the shortest bus cycle time for EtherCAT currently available. With a position update within 62.5 μs these new EtherCAT encoders from Kübler are faster than other devices on the market, which – though also able to send data with the same speed – are merely repeating the old position.

The shorter cycle time with the new Sendix absolute EtherCAT encoders allow customers to implement highly dynamic systems with EtherCAT Fieldbus technology. A wide temperature range of – 40 °C up to + 85 °C, as well as a high level of shock resistance of up to 2,500 m/s² and high vibration resistance up to 100 m/s² qualify the devices for use also in extremely harsh environments. Integrated functionalities such as speed calculation and Work Area States make the implementation of these values in the controller unnecessary. The customers thereby receive more precise results and do not have to write lines of code to implement these values in the controller.

The latest Slave-EtherCAT stack from Beckhoff, Version 5.01, has been integrated into the new Sendix absolute EtherCAT encoders and in addition the latest CANopen profile 3.2.10 from 18th February 2011 has also been implemented. Moreover the devices offer dynamic mapping.

Along with the scaled position the raw data position can also be mapped as a process value, also the sensor temperature in °C and the speed calculation with sign are mappable values. Four units can be selected for the speed calculation: Steps/sec, Steps/100ms, Steps/10ms as well as RPM. By means of Gating Time the time interval can also be set, via which the speed value can be interpolated. Two Work Area State Registers permit the calculation of Work Area States and thus very close-to-process results. A further benefit arises when downloading the parameters to the encoder, during which a comprehensive plausibility test is carried out.

With the new EtherCAT encoders from Kübler the customers can count on modern devices with fully developed technology that can reliably withstand the tough demands placed on such sensors during operation – a decisive point for manufacturers of EtherCAT based systems, for whom high safety and availability of the plant are indispensable.


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