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ABB delivers robots to Volvo

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he frame order placed by Volvo is for the supply of 1,200 robots, to be delivered by ABB over the next years. These will be used at the Volvo plants in Torslanda, Gent and Olofström to handle, weld and assemble car body parts in Volvo’s new SPA platform program.

«We are pleased, and proud, to have been selected by Volvo to receive this prestigious frame order» said Per Vegard Nerseth, Head of ABB Robotics. «This confirms the continuing confidence that auto makers have in investing in robot automation throughout the business cycle. We look forward to assisting Volvo in their aim to remain innovative and create the world’s safest cars with their choice of ABB robots»

With 100 locations in 53 countries, ABB Robotics has an extensive service and support structure that enables customers to implement efficient manufacturing systems and sustainably produce high-quality products wherever they may be needed. The company’s products and solutions for lean manufacturing cover the range from body-in-white to the final assembly of complete car bodies—increasing productivity while simultaneously improving workplace safety.

Having installed more than 200,000 robots worldwide, ABB Robotics’ global experience lends itself to generating the solutions needed to stay competitive in the modern manufacturing climate.


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