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Kollmorgen offers new, high-performance servo drive systems with an innovative single cable connection for motor power and feedback. The highly scalable solutions are available with high-resolution Hiperface DSL absolute encoders and digital resolvers (SFD) and can be used for almost all types of applications. Thanks to Kollmorgen’s innovative single cable technology, hardware and wiring requirements are significantly reduced. Additionally, planning, installation and procurement costs can be further reduced when Kollmorgen servo controllers with integrated motion controls are selected. All in all, OEMs, end-users and machine builders can realize solutions with a competitive edge in their own market.

Kollmorgen’s single-cable drive solutions have been proven for many years. The packages now offered include AKM family servomotors – as standard or food-grade versions – together with the AKD-series servo controllers in standard versions or models with integrated motion control. When selecting the AKD PDMM servo amplifier with integrated motion control, the Kollmorgen Automation Suite (KAS) motion system is directly integrated in the drive without the need for a separate industrial PC (IPC). This allows considerable savings with respect to commissioning hardware, and reduces space and installation time.

The KAS motion control platform is characterized by its extremely straightforward and fast graphical programming ability and by its significantly positive effects on machine flexibility, productivity and quality. The AKD drives are extremely compact and feature-rich. They combine superior dynamic performance with high flexibility and scalability and can therefore meet the requirements of almost all applications. AKM synchronous servo motors offer an unprecedented power density rating, small size and comprehensive range variety.

«Following the motto ‘Think Forward’, we are constantly considering how we can optimize and develop our products as stand-out drive solutions that allow our customers to realize additional competitive advantages,» says Jörg Peters, Director of Product Management at Kollmorgen. «As an innovator we have developed pioneering single-cable solutions, first for the innovative digital resolver (SFD) and now we have extended this technology to the high-resolution Hiperface DSL. In this way, we are probably one of the only vendors with a scalable solution that actually covers all common applications. Customers can thus configure their drive packages extremely flexibility. The advantages are clear in terms of hardware and effort, because less is also simply more.»

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