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New Delta robot controller reduces Total Cost of Ownership

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Bosch Packaging Technology launches Gemini 4, a new Delta robot hardware platform and software controller. With increased speed and lower changeover time resulting in higher productivity, the platform allows manufacturers to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of their automated production lines. The hardware component of Gemini 4 has a streamlined architecture and integrates standardized industry equipment from German automation specialists Bosch Rexroth and Beckhoff. Operators are now able to run up to eight Delta robots and sixteen conveyors through the simplified Gemini 4 controller for gains in efficiency.

The streamlined design of the Gemini 4 controller and its software are optimized for the control of Delta robots, helping to increase acceleration and pick rates. This enables manufacturers to enhance accuracy and raise their production line speeds by up to 25 percent (product dependent), while maintaining gentle product handling, process reliability and quality.

In the past, manufacturers with Delta robots seeking to boost output would use a multi-picking technique with special picking heads to increase the number of products handled by the robots. This approach required lengthy changeovers whenever products or pack styles were changed, as a new head would have to be applied. With the new Gemini 4 controller and the gains in speed inherent to the new hardware, manufacturers now no longer need to use multi-picking heads to enhance performance. Regardless of the pack size or style, the same head is being used, eliminating the downtime for changeovers. These overall gains in productivity mean a reduction in the cost per pick. In addition, due to its higher pick density in comparison with previous versions, the new controller has a smaller footprint, leaving room for more robots.

An additional benefit of the Gemini 4 is its ease of use, both in set up and operation. Its Human Machine Interface (HMI) can store instructions for the production of multiple products, which speeds initial set up and reduces changeover time from twenty minutes to one minute (including gripper changeover). The software utilizes a user interface similar to previous Gemini iterations, ensuring operators familiar with the system can work with it needing only minimal training. This hardware platform is also used with other Bosch machines, allowing customers with more than one Bosch solution reduce their spare parts inventory as the same components can be used across multiple controllers. This results in lower fixed capital and shorter training periods, reducing TCO.

“The Gemini 4 boosts standards in the field of Delta robot control,” said Roy Fraser, product manager Robotics, Bosch Packaging Technology. Innovations in the automation of the manufacturing process have driven down the TCO, allowing multinational brand owners and local enterprises alike to increase productivity and improve competitiveness.”


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