Special shows at Control 2013

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The special show entitled “Contactless Measuring Technology” has already become a tradition as an innovations marketplace. For the ninth time in a row, the latest developments and pioneering technologies from the field of contactless measuring and test technology will be presented at this forum in 2013. 24 renowned suppliers will present their companies this year on roughly 3500 square feet of overall floor space in hall 1 at booth 1602, and will demonstrate their range of products and services to the experts.

The performance and flexibility of modern systems are advancing steadily. Ever larger measuring ranges are being encompassed and new applications are being penetrated. However, rapid technological developments don’t make it easy for potential users to orient themselves to the market and make suitable selections with regard to their own individual requirements. For this reason, the special show is targeted at making a contribution to increasing levels of awareness and the acceptance of new technologies, improving transparency and offering decision-making tools.

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Focal Point “3D Image Processing for Industrial Quality Assurance”

The Fraunhofer Vision Alliance will present a selection of up-to-date measuring and test systems with image processing for quality assurance in production at Control 2013 (hall 1, booth 1502). Vision systems, as well as contactless measuring and test technology, are being used successfully today in all stages of industrial value creation. Many user sectors place special importance on innovative 3D technologies in this respect. Their use supports the development and qualification of new products, serves to verify and objectivise manufacturing processes and allows for fast quality control loops synchronised to production cycles.

The dominating future issues in this area include integrated systems, as well as motion and real-time detection. Above all robots controlled by means of 3D image processing still have tremendous potential – from targeted grasping into the box to service robotics with a diverse range of applications, going beyond the boundaries of the factory as well. Developments generated by the Fraunhofer Vision Institute are making a contribution to this progress in many ways. The expertise of the Fraunhofer Vision Institute in the field of “3D image processing for industrial quality assurance” will be demonstrated at the booth operated by the Fraunhofer Vision Alliance in a representative fashion for several applications.

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