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Extensive update for CODESYS V3.5

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New Service Pack extends usability and scope of performance of the IEC 61131-3 programming system CODESYS V3.

The latest Service Pack for CODESYS version 3.5, which was released in late 2011, extends the scope of performance of the tool in all aspects and improves user friendliness.

For instance, users can make better use of the available space on the screen by automatically hiding windows that aren’t required. Dialogs are now simplified, drag & drop support has been extended, online displays have been standardized and the program displays in graphic editors are more intuitive than before. The performance of the online change and compile function has been significantly improved and a compiler for the Renesas RX processor family has been integrated.

Likewise comprehensively extended: the CODESYS Application Composer, the integrated tool for the automated generation of application code based on pre-defined modules. The user can now create functional sequences fast and clearly with the new sequence editor. If desired a device generator automatically generates the I/O configuration, from which the composer then maps a generic diagnostic visualization.

The Motion and CNC characteristics of the system have been extended by new transformations as well as drivers for CAN and EtherCAT drives. Due to the simple representation and editing of CAM and CNC applications in the visualization, genuine CNC machines can now be realized without additional tools.

A large step has been taken in the CODESYS visualization: the project engineer creates visually appealing user interfaces with new or optimized visualization elements. He can now integrate vector graphics in SVG format for this. New formatting options in the editor support him in his work. User management enables functions and visibility to be adapted for different users. On account of the conversion to HTML5, the CODESYS WebVisu now runs on all common browser platforms such as tablet computers and Smartphones in addition to the well-known display platforms.

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