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AMKASMART: Decentralized drive technology form AMK

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The AMKASMART series consists of a variety of different continuous-operation servo controllers from 2 – 5 kVA, e.g. the iX servo inverter, the i3X servo inverter with three controllers in a single housing, the iC servo converter consisting of a servo controller with an integrated power supply and the «all-inclusive model» iDT, where the servo controller is installed directly on the motor. The high IP65 protection type enables installation directly to the machine frame. Thanks to their vibration and shock resistance, installation to moving axes is also possible.

Since the servo controllers now no longer require a switch cabinet, there’s naturally no need to have  space for it. This offers considerable savings potential. The motor cables (power and encoder cables) are  simply daisy chained from one servo controller to another. As a result, they end up being very short or,  when iDTs are used, aren’t even necessary at all. Concerning drive cabling, AMK runs power and communication lines separately instead of using a hybrid cable. This not only reduces cabling costs, since  economical standard cables can be used, but also reduces the susceptibility of the data line to errors.

Fast and secure real-time Ethernet communication via EtherCAT or Sercos III makes the drive highly suitable for industrial use. Five multi-functional I/Os are available for the direct connection of sensors and  actuators to the machine. As standard, every device allows Safe Torque Off (STO) to be implemented,  and each is also available with functional safety.


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