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New: extrusion-coated ESD plug-type connectors

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Pre-assembled «Readycable» lines for energy chain systems are now also available with extrusion-coated «SpeedTec» round plug-type connectors from Intercontec

igus, specialist in the field of moving energy chains and clever plastic solutions, has expanded its range of pre-assembled cables by a special variant: in cooperation with the connector experts at Intercontec Produkt GmbH, Niederwinkling, an extrusion-coated variant of the quick-closure system «SpeedTec» has been developed suitable for ESD applications. This plug&go solution fits in perfectly with the range of custom-made «Readycables» and is available from stock now.

Manipulation-proof, fitted quickly and conductive

Extrusion-coated connectors are increasingly in demand e.g. by customers from the automotive industry. They should be quick and easy to install, durable and safeguarded against manipulation. In order to develop a product which meets these requirements, long years of experience in handling injection moulded plastic had to be combined with a suitable plug-type connector system. The fulfilment of these preconditions was no problem for igus, as a specialist for injection-moulded plastic products, or the connection experts from Intercontec. The result:, a manipulation-proof unit made up of a plug-type connection and cable which, when inserted, is compliant with protective rating IP 66/67. SpeedTec ensures connection times are reduced by about 50 per cent, because a small turning movement is all that’s needed to set up a safe connection. The extrusion coating is available in both standard plastic and in a special conductive ESD material. The igumid ESD material is dyed slate grey (similar to RAL 7015) to clearly distinguish it from other versions, and has been certified by the PTB (Federal Physico-Technical Institute) since May 2002 (see: Since then, igumid ESD has been proving itself successfully in the igus ESD/Atex energy chain variants. The pre-assembled cables are available as SpeedTec or conventional screw-type variants in the versions M23 Signal, M23 Power (size 1) and M40 (size 1.5). All the currently standard Intercontec pole patterns are possible.

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