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Energy Efficiency with Mitsubishi Electric and KH-Automation at WASSER BERLIN 2013

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At the WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL Show from 23 – 26 April 2013, Mitsubishi Electric and KH-Automation Projects  present automation solutions for the water sector. The two companies specialise in systems for the water, waste water and waste materials sectors. The focal points are energy efficiency, remote maintenance, preventative maintenance and condition monitoring.

The energy-saving effect of up to 25% by using frequency inverters is illustrated by using a pump model with and without variable speed drive. Preventative maintenance and condition monitoring raise system quality further and reduce maintenance costs. The model engineering was produced with the new graphic Profibus DP configurator «Profigen“. Profigen administers and distributes the signals via Drag & Drop on the inputs and outputs. This configurator allows the graphic project work of automation systems, remote I/O systems and other Profibus subscribers. Documentation which is always up to date is generated automatically, and as a result saves costs in care and maintenance.

The required data communication between the local stations and the central process management/SCADA system is ensured by the new Mitsubishi Electric smartRTU, which here acts as a linking element with all common communication protocols such as DNP3, IEC60870-5-101/-104, IEC61850. The Smart Remote Terminal Unit (smartRTU) is an intelligent remote control terminal which feeds data into the company system over great distances from widely spread plant systems such as oil and gas pipelines, switching stations, tunnel or sewage treatment plants. The solution supports the exchange of data via integral communication paths such as for example GPRS/EDGE and Ethernet, but also by external radio and satellite modems, and Power-Line-Carrier (PLC) routers. The configuration files can be programmed and updated directly from the central SCADA host – without the cost of an on-site installation.

The PMSX®pro presented in the demonstrator application is a decentrally constructed, complete management system which was specially developed for large, widely spread plants in the continuous process sector. It is already in use in several plants in Germany. References include e.g. sewage treatment plants for the cities of Hamburg, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf and Nuremberg, and waste incineration plants in Frankfurt, Hamm and Iserlohn. A focal point of the system is conformity to VGB-R170. At the show, the complete management system will be demonstrated with control, monitoring and reporting, together with the associated complete and continuous engineering environment.

The development, design and management tool MAPS (Mitsubishi Automation Process Suite) supplies integrated SCADA and SPS solutions not only for the water industry based on preconfigured and tested engineering libraries. The suite offers numerous diagnosis and maintenance tools, and allows comprehensive document management which always reflects the latest state of the plant. MAPS is a Windows-based SCADA system and can be projected and commissioned independently by the user, enabling him to reduce his engineering costs by up to 50%. It also significantly lowers the total costs over the entire life cycle.

The models of the Mitsubishi Electric frequency inverter series FR-F740 and the IP20 FR-FSU (Floor Standing Unit) are specially tailored to the requirements of pumps and fans, and are therefore ideal for applications in the water industry.

Mitsubishi Electric and KH-Automation Projects specialise in management and automation solutions for waste water and drinking water treatment, and the sector of power stations, incinerators and industrial plants.





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