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KEBA at Hannover Fair 2013 Robotics easier, faster & more efficient

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On the Hannover Fair 2013 KEBA put their robotics competence clearly to the forefront.

Among other intelligent automation solutions in hall 17 at booth B04/3 the new combined control and drive system KeDrive for Motion and the innovative end-of-arm tool Active Contact Flange are shown.


Automation fast, safe and compact

The KeDrive for Motion system persuades thanks to its unique adaptivity and scalability.

On the one hand it is available as turnkey complete solution – e.g. for the automation of packaging and handling applications. And on the other hand when required by the customer it offers an open and stable system platform for easy integration of own applications. This provides maximum knowhow protection and best flexibility.

Furthermore an optional cross-axis safety with safe onboard I/Os can be integrated competitive and space-saving directly into the control module of the KeDrive for Motion system.

The intelligent KeMotion control allows motion sequences at physical limits. Highest productivity and fastest movements without any extra programming efforts are provided by the forward-looking path planning feature called Intelligent Motion.

PLC, motion and robot control are combined fully functional in an innovative single package. This makes possible the comprehensive control of a complete production machine and multi-robot systems.

KeMotion scores with high-speed and user-friendliness also at commissioning. Ready-made software packages and easy to install hardware allow a fast start-up within just a few hours.


Manual work is out of date

The Active Contact Flange offers the easy and fast automation of almost any so far manually carried out surface processing. Typical applications are polishing and grinding of metal and plastic parts, e.g. as preparation for priming, painting and varnishing.

Thereby the active force control of the Active Contact Flange reacts lightning-fast on changes of force. This guarantees a constant contact pressure of the tool and therefore a constant intensity and continuous quality of the surface processing.

Optimal, reproducible results are applied, even when the surface to be processed is curved and uneven.

Never before high quality automation of manual work was that easy with the result that valuable resources can be freed for other, superior jobs.



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