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Rapid Pick & Place for loads up to 5 kg

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The linear directly driven Pick & Place units of the PPU-E series from SCHUNK are considered to be the fastest pick & place units on the market. The largest size PPU-E 50, is an expert for dynamic handling of medium-weight masses up to 5 kg. For a complete cycle with a 280 mm horizontal and 150 mm vertical stroke the unit has a cycle time of 0.92 seconds with a tooling mass of 2 kg and 2 x 60 ms (for gripper).

As the two smaller sizes PPU-E 15 and PPU-E 30, the PPU-E 50 is also moved via a wear-free direct drive, and not by a guidance transmission. This minimizes the maintenance effort, increases the continuous repeat accuracy, and simplifies programming. Since the unit is equipped with two stationary motors, and the unit does not require movable and therefore susceptible motor cable, there are no cable breaks or system malfunctions. With its rapid cycle times, and excellent repeat accuracies of 0.01 mm per axis, it is setting standards for assembly of medium-sized parts in the electronics, consumer goods, and pharmaceutical industry. Every supply line for current, control unit, sensor system, and pneumatics are plugged into the stationary connection at the rear side. Cable breaks and system malfunctions do not occur. The flexible and freely programmable unit is designed for a vertical stroke up to 150 mm, a horizontal stroke of 280 mm, and a moving mass of 5 kg. Its maximum acceleration amounts to 100 ms-2, and the maximum speed to 4 ms-1.

Excellent repeat accuracy

The narrow housing and the media supply via the back panel allows a compact, maintenance and assembly friendly sandwich construction of several units next to each other. Two integrated position sensors control the vertical and horizontal movement, and thus ensure a high repeat accuracy. Intelligent controllers can control the cantilever arm and the actuators without a master control system. The required software is already integrated so the unit can be easily commissioned by Plug & Work.

Up to six integrated valves provide all pneumatic tooling with air. This minimizes compressed air and energy consumption, and ensures enormous high cycle frequency. The energy- and time-efficient unit seamlessly fits into the module program of the innovative family-owned company, and can be equipped via a uniform interface with various actuators from the modular system for modular high-performance assembly. Besides the basic version without gripper interface, the PPU-E 50 is available in six different configurations: with two, four, or six air and sensor connections, a vacuum interface, and on option, with a venture nozzle or an aggregate. Moreover, the Z-axis can be equipped with a spring-loaded compensation, and a parking break.

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