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Compact and flexible I/O solution for EtherCAT-controlled equipment

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The EP8309 EtherCAT Box is equipped with a wealth of I/O technology, including: eight digital inputs and outputs, two digital tachometer inputs, two analog inputs, one analog output and one current-controlled 1.2 A PWMi output. With this wide range of interfaces, Beckhoff offers a compact IP 67 solution that is ideal for controlling various equipment via EtherCAT. The user benefits not only from low space requirements, but also from simplified wiring and installation outside of protective cabinets in the field.

The EP8309 EtherCAT Box, which measures only 60 x 16 x 26.5 mm, offers system manufacturers I/O diversity and high functionality with compact design, significantly reducing installation effort. Eight freely selectable digital inputs or outputs offer high application flexibility. Special features of the box include the two digital tachometer inputs with 2.5 kHz limit frequency. They can be used to monitor two different speeds on two different shafts, or – with simple digital sensors – speed and direction of rotation on one shaft. Optional features include monitoring of the shaft rotation and standstill warning.

These digital I/Os are complemented by two analog inputs and an analog output, each single-ended and with 12 bit resolution as well as a PWMi output. The current-controlled outputs can be used for direct control of simple proportional valves with up to 1.2 A, for example. Intelligent valves are controlled via the analog output.

With its combination of inputs and outputs, the EP8309 offers a compact solution for interfacing a wide range of equipment via EtherCAT. The pre-wired, easy to integrate I/O box features an IP 67 plastic housing, protecting the device from the effects of harsh environments such as moisture and extreme temperatures. It is therefore ideally suited for distributed applications such as controlling brake systems in wind turbines, for example. Adapted versions of the EP8309 for application in hydraulic systems, gearboxes and generators are in preparation.


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