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Servo drives for superior performance: MINAS A5N

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The Ethernet-based servo drives of the MINAS A5N series are not only extremely compact, but also ideally suited for highly dynamic applications.

Thanks to its high transmission speed and sampling rate, RTEX (Realtime Express), the fast, real-time Ethernet bus for automation, is particularly well suited for highly dynamic single and multiple axis positioning tasks such as found in pick-and-place applications, labeling machines and bottling plants. RTEX transfers status information, for example warnings or alarm codes, current position, speed, torque, position deviations, mechanical and electric rotor angle, inputs and outputs, and many more.

Deterministic access to all bus units (100Mbps full duplex) is realized by adding expansion units to the high-performance PLC FP-Sigma, permitting control of up to 16 axes.

Functions to manually and automatically suppress vibration in the drive amplifier (notch filters, damping filters) ease finding the correct driver settings during commissioning. Standard, inexpensive Ethernet cables of up to 100m in length between the units are used to connect the devices to the network. Moreover, the drive system includes a 20-bit encoder, i.e. 1.04 million pulses per revolution. The drives boast a power range from 50 to 15,000W at rotation speeds of 0 to 6000rpm.

The MINAS A5N series servo drives are equipped with the safety function safe torque off (STO). This complies with the requirements for performance level D according to EN ISO 13849 or SIL 2 according to EN 62061.

To insulate the motor power, MINAS A5N drive controllers feature independent, hardware-based, redundant circuits. Magnetic breakers prescribed for machines by the Low-Voltage Directive are thereby unnecessary. The integrated safety function allows a machine to be put back into operation more easily and quickly after a safety-related incident because the drive controller remains active and does not have to be powered up anew.



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