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00006 – Phoenix Contact – Solid-State Drives in Embedded Systems

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Typical rotating media is perceived to be among the most significant causes of machine downtime in industrial applications. The ubiquity of relatively inexpensive NAND-based flash memory has led to the development of large storage media that has no moving parts. Due to this, the arrival of NAND flash-based solid-state drives SSDs) has been met with great anticipation in the embedded sector. The promise of permanent storage devicesthat are not susceptible to the rigors of harsh embedded environments is too attractive to be ignored.

Unfortunately, simply applying this technology to an embedded application is not without its pitfalls. There are issues that must be considered before including a flash SSD in an embedded application.


[download file=»http://www.automation-fair.com/wp-content/uploads/00006_Phoenix_Contact_SSD_WhitePaper.pdf» title=»09/05/2013 00006 – Phoenix Contact – Solid-State Drives in Embedded Systems «]


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