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Optimize your compressed air utilization – reduce energy costs

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The PSK AFS volumetric flow meters with an IO-Link interface monitor your compressed air consumption and therefore help optimize your compressed air utilization.

Utilize your resources as efficiently as possible, achieving appreciable cost savings in the process. Compressed air is one of the most expensive production resources.

The compressed air meters from Phoenix Contact enable you to utilize this valuable resource to the best possible extent, the reason being that the efficient utilization of compressed air reduces compressor usage and lowers your energy costs.

Recording the smallest consumption rates

The compact compressed air meters utilize the calorimetric measuring procedure and record even the smallest consumption rates. This enables you to detect wear and leakages in your systems in good time.

Combine the compressed air meters with our data logger kits and ensure that measured values are continuously recorded using components that are fully suitable for industrial applications. Besides the analog interface, these compressed air meters offer an IO-Link interface that enables you to establish intelligent communication between the sensor and the controller.

The compressed air meters record the following variables:

– The current volumetric flow

– The volume currently consumed

– The temperature of the compressed air in the monitored operating processes


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