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Single Axis Drive KEB COMBIVERT F6-K

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The new frequency inverter and servo controller for single axis is designed in seven sizes and includes the power ranges 1.5 to 45 kW – 230 V, 1.5 to 800 kW – 400 V and 200 to 900 kW – 690 V.

This series combines the selectable software operation modes: SMM (Sensorless Motor Management – optimized voltage / frequency formation), FOC (Field Orientated Control – vector control with encoder feedback), ASCL (Asynchronous Sensorless Closed Loop – control without encoder feedback for asynchronous motors), SCL (Sensorless Closed Loop – control without encoder feedback for synchronous motors ) and thereby possesses the control features for the operation of asynchronous-, synchronous-, reluctance-, linear-, spindle- or torque motors with or without encoder feedback.

An integrated, two-channel multi-encoder interface processes optionally resolver, incremental TTL, SIN/COS, SSI, Hiperface, Endat and BISS encoder.

The current version KEB COMBIVERT F6-K supports integrated safety requirements with STO according to EN ISO 13849-1, Pl e / SIL 3- EN62061.

Real-time communication of the ONBOARD interface technology for the Ethernet-based protocols EtherCAT, alternatively VARAN and an integrated CAN-bus offer a flexible connection to the control level. Diagnostics and PC-operation is taken over by the RS 232/485 interface. The unit control also processes digital signals on eight inputs and four outputs as well as analog signals on three inputs and two outputs.

With internal speed and torque control plus the single-axis positioning module the drive is optimally prepared for dynamic tasks and reduces the requirements of master controls.

In addition to the standard AC power supply DC bus connection is also possible and, if desired, DC-supply is available as well.

An internal braking transistor (GTR7) for the direct connection of resistors is equipped as standard up to 22 KW and beyond that available as option.

A wide range of accessories, designed for the various tasks in the mechanical and plant engineering, supports the safe operation in installations worldwide.

Optimized line reactors and motor chokes, patented harmonic filters for THD(i)-values according to IEEE19, sinusoidal output filters for motors frequencies up to 1200 Hz, braking resistors with temperature detection and EMC-filters with minimum leakage currents for the environments C1 and C2 are the basis for effective solutions in the applications.


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