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The Next Generation of Industrial HMI

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The TPC-1840WP and 2140WP are 18” and 21” widescreen multitouch panel PCs, specifically designed to provide easier operation and boost productivity in manufacturing control environments, building automation and other HMI applications.

These iF Award winning devices, have been honored with the award, not only for their appearance but their commitment to being extremely intuitive to use. With their two pale blue soft-keys that, when lightly touched, give users quick and easy access to the information they need, the TPC-1840WP and 2140WP allowing the convenient viewing of information. To further aid this, both models feature widescreens with a ratio of 16:9, providing 40% more screen area than 4:3 displays. Furthermore, with the addition of multitouch capabilities they provide even greater control and viewing of the information shown in Advantech’s SUSIAccess and WebAccess management software.

All of this is made possible with the inclusion of an AMD dual-core processor with independent graphical processing unit which provides support for Windows 8 and DirectX11 so it can handle more complicated and detailed graphics.





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