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Reliable Color Detection Even with Distance Change

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Several colors can be simultaneously and reliably evaluated with wenglor’s new OFP401P0189 Color Sensor despite distance changes. The sensor works with white light and is above all distinguished by intuitive menu prompting and an integrated wizard for teaching in colors within just 60 seconds.

The innovative Color Sensor from wenglor can be used wherever colors or contrasts need to be detected and distinguished. Not even the slightest color nuances are a problem for the OFP401P0189. Colors can be taught in to the sensor within just 60 seconds thanks to the teach-in wizard. In addition to the integrated teach-in function, external teach in is also possible. However, the decisive attribute of the new color specialist is its ability to recognize variously colored objects, which can be reliably detected despite varying distances.

The graphic display allows for easy, intuitive use with multilingual menu prompting (English, French, German and Italian). Additional password protection offers security against unauthorized access. The sensor’s scope of functions is extended by its configurable emitted light which, for example, can be switched off entirely for the detection of self-luminous objects. The intensity of the emitted light can even be increased in order to detect dark objects. With a spot diameter of just 3 mm and a working range of 30 to 40 mm, complex detection tasks can be implemented in a simple, uncomplicated fashion. The color sensor is equipped with two digital inputs, three switching outputs and an RS232 port for reading out RGB, XYZ and HSL color values.

All in all, the OFP401P0189 features better performance than other available products, but the newcomer is also a step ahead where user-friendliness and scope of functions are concerned. wenglor will phase out the predecessor (FP04PCT80) and bank fully on the successor model in the future.

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