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New web-based training for PROFIsafe

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Effective immediately, PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) is offering web-based training for the PROFIsafe communication profile. PROFIsafe is a safety layer that extends the capabilities of the PROFIBUS and PROFINET fieldbus systems. The additional safety layer enables safety-related automation functions to be transmitted over standard buses.

The web-based training introduces users to the basics of safety technology. Examples are used to familiarize users with the functional principles of safety-related systems (fail-safe systems). Afterwards, the web-based training presents the functional principal and the safety mechanisms of PROFIsafe.

The web-based training provides a new opportunity to convey information in a particularly descriptive manner, beyond what is possible with conventional teaching tools, like lectures, printed documents, or presentations. Technical concepts can be presented more clearly using animation, settings can be changed in the processes at the press of a button, and complex subjects can be explained in a stepwise fashion.


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