Telecontrol protocol made to measure

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The IEC60870-5-104 telecontrol protocol is widely used in the power station, energy distribution and infrastructure sector. It allows the control and monitoring of intelligent subcomponents and substations with a higher-level control station.

These subcomponents range from circuit-breakers, inverters and energy meters, to CHP units, right through to complete power stations.

The optional IEC60870-5-104 server software component adds this multi-vendor interface to the M1 controller system. Each client that is compliant with the standard can thus read and write access selected process variables of the controller application via the TCP/IP network.

Implementation for the M1 controller

The server is installed on the controller as an additional software module. The software for sequence control and closed-loop control does not have to be changed and is not affected in its runtime. This therefore allows the same unit to be equipped as required with an interface from the portfolio of the telecontrol components (IEC61580, IEC61400-25, OPC DA, OPC UA, Modbus, …) without the need to repeat thorough testing, thus enabling a flexible response to the requirements of the end customer.

The selection of process variables that are visible to the outside, i.e. the information model of the server, is implemented via a configuration file in which the information objects are defined and associated with SVI variables.

Tool support

The Device Manager provides the server software with a user-friendly configuration tool for creating this configuration and for connecting the information objects with the SVI variables. Plausibility checks are run already at the input stage, since not every variable type can be mapped logically to every type of information object. The configuration can be exported and imported directly from the Device Manager via a CSV format so that it can be exchanged simply with other manufacturers.


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