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AM8800 stainless steel servomotors fulfil demanding requirements of EHEDG

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With the AM8800 series Beckhoff offers a complete stainless steel servomotor series in ‘Hygienic Design’ for particularly harsh environmental conditions and applications in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. The servomotors are not only equipped with FDA-compliant materials; they are now also certified with regard to design and materials in accordance with the rigorous requirements of the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group).

In the food processing industry there are special requirements with respect to the design and materials of the components installed on machines. The usable materials are listed in the FDA guidelines (US Food and Drug Administration) according to their suitability, but there are no stipulations regarding their shape. As a result, the EHEDG applies these types of design guidelines. The agency’s goal is for the industry’s machines and their corresponding components to be easy to clean while offering the least possible surface area for bacteria and germs to grow.

The AM8800 servomotors have a fully ‘Hygienic Design’ and, in addition to the FDA-compliant stainless steel housing in AISI 316L, they are also certified in accordance with the demanding EHEDG Class I. This means the motors are much easier to clean and decontaminate, without having to dismantle any parts. This also means that the drives are suitable for the CIP method (Clean-in-Place) of stationary cleaning, which is frequently employed in the beverage industry. Important structural features of the AM8800 servomotors are the EHEDG-compliant arrangement of the sealing levels as well as the mounting flange with additional PTFE seal in ‘Hygienic Design’. Surfaces with a minimum number of visible screw fittings and the laser-applied type label prevent build-up of residue. In addition, a special EHEDG-listed cable gland has been developed for the servomotors, which are manufactured as standard with IP 69K protection.

The high-performance AM8800 servomotors are offered as a fully scalable series, with standstill torques from 0.85 to 16.6 Nm. The speed range extends up to 3000 rpm. All AM8800 servomotors are UL and cUL certified. The motors are available with the innovative One Cable Technology (OCT) from Beckhoff, which combines the power and feedback systems in a standard PUR cable, thus reducing the cleaning effort and wiring costs, since only half the typical number of cables are required. The connections are fed out of the critical section and wired directly in the control cabinet. With the AG2800 Beckhoff also offers stainless steel planetary gear units that pair perfectly with the AM8800 series servomotors.

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