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The Control Panels ETV 0555 and ETV 0855

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The new control panels from the SIGMATEK ETV series, the ETV 0555 and ETV 0855 with a format of 5.7″ and 8.4″ respectively, have high performance EDGE Technology processors and a clear, modern front made of anodized aluminum. As standard 8 digital in and outputs are provided to connect, for example, command and signaling devices.

EDGE Technology processors have excellent performance for middle to complex applications with low power loss, which allows fanless operation of the panel. 64 MB DDR2″ RAM serves as internal program and data storage medium, the remnant memory is 512 kbytes.

The operating system and user-specific data is stored on a microSD card.

Fully graphic-capable color TFT displays with analog resistive film glass touch screen and LED back lighting provide optimal operating comfort and strong visualization.

The USB port on the front side ensures the fast and simple connection of external storage media. Furthermore, the panels have several additional interfaces on the underside: Ethernet, real-time Ethernet VARAN bus, CAN bus and USB.

With the new control panels, project development and therewith, control, regulation, positioning and visualization tasks can be easily and efficiently implemented with the all-in-one engineering tool LASAL.


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