Baumüller Motion & Motors & Drives Success Stories

Dynamics and precision for long-stroke applications

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With the new asynchronous linear motors LAE10 Baumüller offers a dynamic and precise solution for linear motion with long strokes as well as high speeds and acceleration.

The new linear motors consist of a primary part with thermal sensor (KTY or PTC) and a secondary part with a copper or aluminium sheet on an iron counterplate. With a linear encoder system (position transducer) and a servo controller of the Baumüller b maXX series the LAE makes point to point precise programmable positioning possible. If the customer uses the LAE with a frequency converter, such as the b maXX 1000, he may operate it in the mode speed control.

The asynchronous linear motors are available in three different sizes. The nominal force is up to 600 N, maximum speed is 5 m/s. All sizes are equipped with water cooling and available with protection class IP65. Thanks to the contact free design of the linear motors there is no mechanical wear and the operation is exceptionally quiet.

With its new LAE10 motors Baumüller provides a powerful, maintenance-free and dynamic solution for machines and plants in the areas of handling, cutting and punching machines or people movers.


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