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KEBA at Chinaplas 2013

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At Chinaplas 2013, May 20 – 23 in Guangzhou, KEBA again shows both new and further developed products around the successful KePlast control solution for injection molding machines.

The KePlast system is scalable in control, operator panel and I/Os. It can be applied for low-cost and for high-end applications as well. All kinds of injection molding machines – no matter if hydraulic, all-electric or hybrid – can be controlled precisely and fast.

Besides that KEBA shows KeMotion IMM Handling, a precise robot control for fast take-out handlings without vibrations.

On KEBA booth 4.1S71 visitors of Chinaplas see various innovative products that help to increase productivity and energy efficiency and also help to improve the easy of use in injection molding processes.


On following two improved product highlights KEBA wants to draw special attention:

KePlast SpeedPump

Injection molding with improved energy-efficiency

Now improving energy-efficiency of hydraulic injection molding machines is easily achieved with new KePlast SpeedPump. It is a complete package consisting of a highly dynamic servo pump and economic electric drives. KePlast SpeedPump is integrated perfectly into the KePlast system and can be connected quickly and easily to a KePlast control by use of CAN and EtherCAT fieldbus systems.Besides the main advantage – the energy savings – KePlast SpeedPump simplifies start-up and diagnostics as well as monitoring the energy-efficiency via KePlast EasyNet.All those advantages of KePlast SpeedPump of course also work for KEBA’s low cost IMM control system KePlast i1000 Eco as well as all other premium KePlast IMM control solutions.


KePlast EasyNet 2.0

Higher productivity thanks to centralized production monitoring

Efficient, centralized monitoring of a complete injection molding machinery helps to improve productivity and efficiency of processes. For this the enhanced software control center KePlast EasyNet 2.0 is a perfect user-friendly and stable solution.KePlast EasyNet 2.0 becomes more and more important as a center and pivot point of efficient production facilities. Monitoring and recording as well as analysis of process parameters, quality data and productivity of injection molding machines can be done easily and assists to reduce down-times and to improve productivity. Coordinated heat-up of the complete machinery helps to save costs by balanced energy consumption.With a new feature called “KePlast EasyNet.Mobile” now the world of smart phones finds its way into easy mobile monitoring of injection molding machinery.


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