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e-F@ctory Alliance exhibition launches into the virtual world

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The e-F@ctory Alliance* trade show is the first full exhibition to be staged using Mitsubishi Electric’s new virtual exhibition platform, and the first major virtual show to deliver a convincing and rewarding visitor experience.

Designed to deliver an engaging journey for visitors combining access to technology experts via video and a wealth of reference material delivered direct to a PC, iPad or tablet, the entire exhibition venue has been rendered in great detail and heralds a number of industry firsts.

Embracing the ‘new’ is an important part of the experience, but the show’s creators are quick to point out that the Virtual Exhibition has been created to bridge the gap between real life events and support the ‘live’ conference and exhibition events.

The virtual exhibition is designed as an extension of a live event, not a replacement. As technology leaders in automation platforms and industrial software Mitsubishi Electric Europe wanted to take what they liked best about an exhibition experience and use technology to see what was possible with the latest visualisation and online interactive tools.

By making the experience available 24 hours-a-day to anyone with an internet connection, visitors are given access to information on-demand, when it suits them. The meteoric rise of Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices with high-res screens, powerful graphics capability and interactive touch-screens has really brought the virtual exhibition platform alive.

There are over thirty exhibition stands in the e-F@ctory Alliance exhibition hall. Just like a traditional trade show there is a mix of shell scheme stands and larger bespoke exhibition stands. There is also a large themed Mitsubishi Electric exhibition stand, designed just for the virtual venue, and other members have transposed their existing stand designs to the virtual world; one such is fieldbus protocol vendor CLPA.


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