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VIPA Prewired front connectors for the system 300S

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As from now VIPA is offering prewired front connectors for the system 300S. So the annoying prewiring, cutting to length and stripping are not necessary any longer. The cables are available in a length of 2.5m, 3.2m and 5.0m and both can be obtained in the 20 pole and 40 pole version.

A great advantage of the prewired front connectors is the cable sheathing on the first 30 cm cable section which gives the wiring a tidy and organized look. In addition each cable is clearly labeled with the contact number of the plug.

The plugs can be used in VIPA systems as well as in systems 300S of other manufacturers.

With the new prewired plugs you need up to 80% less time. This is a considerable saving in time and cost for each project.

The prewired plugs will be available from week 29 of 2013 onwards.


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