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NORD solutions for the extended energy-efficiency directive

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The European Commission has initiated a significant tightening of the energy-efficiency directive for electrical devices, leaving more users of drive technology faced with new challenges. By providing comprehensive information, fast, expert support, and suitable drive products, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS aims to enable machinery and equipment manufacturers to continue producing economically compelling solutions that comply with all regulations.

The exceptions of the 2009/640/EC Directive will be changed substantially as early as autumn 2013. One aspect will be particularly important for most users: the new definition of the range of very high and very low ambient temperatures in which conventional motors may be used. Up until now, IE1 motors could be used in applications with ambient temperatures below -15 °C or above 40 °C. In the future, the exception only applies to extreme temperatures below -30 °C or above 60 °C.

This extension of the directive’s field of application will increase its impact and ecological sustainability. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS welcomes this as a mark of the responsible use of limited natural resources. Manufacturers of newly affected machinery can reduce the switching effort by selecting the right suppliers and products. Many recently completed conversions show that NORD drive components with an IE2 or higher rating can be easily integrated. The one-off additional costs are usually redeemed within a short time, since on average energy costs make up 80% of a drive system’s TCO. NORD engineers offer users comprehensive consultation on drive solutions in the new efficiency classes. High-efficiency motors can be ordered by themselves or as part of a complete mechatronic drive solution with gear unit and drive electronics.


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